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FC Matata 3 – 3 Potros FC


by Kurtis Krzyzanowski

The featured match of the week in the UPSL Georgia Division saw FC Matata take on Potros FC at Silverbacks Stadium, in Doraville Georgia. FC Matata went with a 4-3-3 formation, with plenty of attacking choices, whilst Potros choose a 5-3-2 formation giving them more defensive options. Potros are looking for their first points of the season as a new team in the division, but it won’t be easy against a Matata side with so much attacking emphasis.

Potros started off strongly getting their 5 defenders behind the ball to soak up early Matata pressure. Matata were on the front foot in the early going but unable to crack the solid defensive posture of the Potros back-line.

GOAL: However, Matata did open the scoring 6 minutes into the first half. Potros keeper Christopher Uranga tries to clear the ball but only landing it at the feet of Lionel Touroude who races past 3 defenders and slots it past the keeper. An ideal start for FC Matata with Potros needing to find some inspiration to get back into the game.

Potros restarted the game looking a little bit more lively. Creating chances and getting more players to attack the ball. Looks to be the response they were aiming for early on, but the question would be whether or not they can turn these chances into goals.

Evenly played and hard fought. FC Matata & Potros FC worked hard for this match.

GOAL: The breakthrough would come to Potros shortly later. Potros win a corner which swings in meeting the head of captain, Benjamin Uranga. Uranga, was given space for a free header plowing the ball into the net giving Potros the equalizer they’ve been trying so hard to get.

Both sides started to look strong as the game got back underway. Matata strike the ball well forcing the keeper to make a save landing the ball at the feet of the Matata forward who misses from just a few feet out. Shortly after that, Matata receives a free kick on the edge of the box which Lionel Touroude steps up to take but lofts the ball just over the crossbar.

GOAL: Half an hour played and Matata go 2-1 ahead. The ball gets lifted into the box, the goalkeeper comes off his line to catch the ball but misses entirely and a scramble in the 6 yard box leads to a goal from Matata’s Touroude for his 2nd of the match, despite handball shouts from Potros defenders. It’s difficult to make heads or tails of what happened, but it appears the Potros defender cleared the ball into his own net but Touroude was given credit for the Matata goal.

The half time whistle sounds as Matata go in 2-1 ahead from a brilliantly worked goal from Touroude and a defensive blunder. Both sides look to be evenly matched and Potros have had their fair share of chances to keep things close.

GOAL: Matata get the second half underway but it’s Potros who score instantaneously. Brilliantly worked play to make the goal. The ball comes in through a low cross and lands at the feet of an unmarked Amadou Kora who taps the ball into the back of the net equalizing for Potros, but it’s the build up which makes the goal such a sight to see.

Scary moment 52 minutes in as Matata goalkeeper Douglas Corvera clashes with his defender and takes to be what looks like a kick to his midriff leaving both players the floor after mis-communication in an attempt to clear the ball. Corvera gets up and looks to be okay, but his team-mate still lay on the pitch before getting up and continuing with the game.

FC Matata MOTM
FC Matata’s Man-of-the-Match was Lionel Touroude

Potros earn a free kick just under the hour mark but fail to make it past the wall, only seconds before Potros try to go ahead through a well placed header but Corvera makes a wonderful save to deny Potros a third. Matata looking in trouble here as the second half is dominated by Potros FC.

15 minutes from time, both sides look to be slowing down. Potros still pushing forward but are struggling to create dangerous chances but it’s Matata who come close to scoring next. A throw in finds its way to a Matata forward at an awkward position where he strikes the ball towards the far post, just going wide and out for a goal kick.

PENALTY: Moments later, Matata are fouled in the box which leads to the referee pointing to the penalty spot. Far from a difficult decision for the referee as Potros captain Benjamin Uranga wipes out the Matata player as he ran into the area with the ball.

Captain Touroude picks the ball up but hands it to Ade Adeniji Faud to attempt the conversion. Because of Touroude’s recent comeback from injury, he may have made the decision to give the opportunity to Ade to attempt the conversion even though Touroude was on a hattrick. Ade strikes the ball confidently to his bottom left sending the keeper the wrong way.

Potros FC MOTM
Potros FC’s Man-of-the-Match was Benjamin Uranga

Potros wins a late corner that leads to a foul and a free kick to Matata. Potros didn’t look short of ideas, but did look short of execution. Matata putting lots of pressure to try and see the game out and take all 3 points just moments from the 90th minute.

GOAL: However, there is late drama at the end of the second half. Potros receive a free kick deep in the Matata half which leads to a short ball and a strike which should land into the keepers hands, but the goalkeeper who made a great save earlier in the second half drops the ball to the feet of Potros captain, Benjamin Uranga who taps the ball into the back of the net for a late equalizer. Uranga more than making up for his mistake which lead to the Matata penalty. You have to feel for the goalkeeper here as it looked to be a comfortable save, but turned out anything but.

Potros not looking complacent with a draw as they continue to apply pressure, play the ball into the box and get behind the ball in an attempt to steal all 3 points. Potros get their chance late in injury time with a late free kick in a dangerous position just outside the penalty area. Matata fighting for their lives here with what surely must be the last kick of the game. Good effort with the free kick but just sails inches over the crossbar for a Matata goal kick.

Matata with a late chance as they find themselves in a 1 on 1 position but the referee pulls back play for offside. The final whistle would blow seconds later.

Full Time here at Silverbacks Stadium. Matata 3-3 Potros. (see full match on Mycujoo below)

Matchweek 4 – Atlanta Caribbean Division – UPSL

After a couple of match weeks of runaway goal scoring and defensive frailties, we return to balanced and more dramatic football this week! The league championship race took some unexpected turns with the results on the day. Let’s take a look at a brief recap…

The torrential rain did not dampen the action on the field.

12:00pm Game:
Honduras 5 Stars 2-0 KSA Pro
The kickoff game of the day was in a downpour and between 2 teams we expect to be hot contenders for the league title this season and the action in this match did not disappoint. As usual, 5 Stars brought a large throng of supporters in the stands which added to the footballing atmosphere.

On the pitch, it was like watching two prize fighters battle it out as both sparred back and forth with effective attacks mixed with resilient defenses. These are 2 skillful teams but it was 5 Stars that got the better of KSA on the day scoring a penalty and later a close range goal to take all 3 points and a clean sheet to take the victory!

The current 2 best teams in the league played to a 2-2 tie

2:00pm Game:
Seas Jamaica FC 2-2 Forest Rovers FC
The 2nd match on the day found the clouds parting and the sun peeking through and set the scene for a hotly contested match between 2 teams looking to go top of the league with maximum points. In the previous week, Seas Jamaica United won an emphatic victory by 4-1 against Atlanta Generals while a injury hit Forest Rovers FC took a heavy defeat to KSA Pro Profile by the score of 6-1 for their first loss of the season to set up this weeks encounter.

This game was as even as they come with both teams displaying equal attacking prowess and a resolute defense. Rovers opened the scoring in the first half with Seas storming back with 2 goals to take the lead by the 2nd half. But Rovers would equalize late to cap off a thrilling match for the fans. All the drama you would want to see with 2 teams now lying in 1st and 2nd place in the league table.

The Granites seemed to have solved their early season woes

4:00pm Game:
VaHi ATLetic FC 0-3 FC Stone Mountain
Vahi ATLetic FC initiate their competitive campaign in the league with a 0-3 loss to a resurgent FC Stone Mountain. Vahi ATLEtic competed last season in the league but this is virtually a new team with a revamped roster and a fresh approach.

VaHi just finished a campaign in another competition so are prepared for the season, but the Granites are just reaching their potential as adjustments from early losses in the league paid off in this match with an emphatic win. VaHi did not help their cause with a badly taken penalty that could have brought them back in the game and giving up a soft early goal that set the tone for the match. Look for coach Felipe Lobelo to also make changes as VaHi get their challenge back on course in the coming weeks.

Both teams struggled early but provided an exciting end to the match.

6:00pm Game:
FC Yardaz 1-1 Atlanta Generals FC
A dour and dull first half was replaced by a more exciting 2nd half as defending champion’s FC Yardaz drew with Atlanta Generals in a match that failed to impress overall. FC Yardaz’s sputtering start to the season continued today failing to reach any sort of fluency and were weak in attack though still solid in defense.

Generals on the other have shown great improvement since their embarrassing opening day defeat to Club ATLetic by the score of 8-0. But to be honest to Generals, they were playing with what amounted to a youth side as many senior members were still not available for that match. Now at full strength, they match the defending champions and could have easily taken all 3 points had the ball bounced a different way at times. Both teams still have a lot to do to get their league challenge cranked up and revving.

Note: Both KSA Pro-Profile and Club ATLetic both were involved in the State Amateur Cup competition and will have their match rescheduled for later in the season.