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Youth Academies Organized

Creation Of Youth Divisions in UPSL Georgia for Fall 2022!
Play to start in September 2022

Pilot Season will include:
U17, U15, and U13

The Pilot league program will be organized on a regional basis, with conferences similar to those locations in UPSL men’s. The division sizes will be limited to between 5 and 8 teams, and the number of games between 8 and 12.

The development of club academies is essential to the pathway to professional that is needed in the USA. This provides a starting point for the youth to grow and prosper in a environment that is conducive to professionalism.

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UPSL Georgia Expands Management Staff

The Georgia Division of the United Premier Soccer League (UPSL) is pleased to announce that Patrick Roach has been appointed as the official manager for Division 1 in Georgia. Patrick, who is already the division’s referee assigner, now brings his considerable experience of working in the game the last 25+ years to aid in the further development of Division 1 in Georgia.

Born in Jamaica, Patrick started playing soccer at the tender age of six and continued playing the sport throughout high school, college and went on to play in the Adult Division 1 and subsequently the Jamaican Premier League.

Patrick rose to the national level as a referee and officiated and performed management duties in the top leagues throughout Jamaica. He migrated to the United States more than twenty five years ago and became a referee assessor, instructor and assignor in order to “give back to the sport.”

With his colleague, Wesley Graham, they created and ran the Atlanta Caribbean Soccer League later bringing on Alwayne Rose and others to help grow the league. This league became one of the top amateur leagues in the state of Georgia. Through the vision of Patrick’s colleague, Wesley Graham, the Caribbean League merged with the UPSL back in 2018 and the league now has grown to include teams from all over the state of Georgia and one team in Alabama.

Patrick states upon appointment to Division 1 Manager: “I will continue to do whatever it takes to assist in the development of soccer in the USA and throughout the world.”



2022 Fall Regional Cup Final

It was a thrilling Cup Final fitting of any United Premier Soccer League match.

Our Complete broadcast of the Georgia Division, Regional Cup Final between Kalonji Pro-Profile U23 vs Atlanta Rovers FC.
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