Regional Cup: LGSA U17 vs FC Matata

Match week 1 of the 2022 UPSL Georgia Regional Cup kicked off with the exciting return of FC Matata to the UPSL who had last season taken the 2021 Fall season off as they reorganized as a club. Now they are back getting an early start to the 2022 Spring season by competing in the Regional Cup.

Their opponents on the day were a new, young and talented team from the Limeño academy in the name of LGSA U17. Though very young, this U17 side were not intimidated and played well against some seasoned talent on the Matata side of the ball. But Matata had too much for the youngsters on the day going up 2 nil before the half and adding a 3rd late in the 2nd half to go top of the group after 1 match weekend.

LGSA were moving and passing well only with the failings in the final third. Matata goals from Arthur Bukenya, Yusuf Jalingo and Blake white was the difference in the match but LGSA never game up and seemed to actually get better as the match went on. The experience will be valuable as they can apply what they learned to the rest of the group matches as well as in the 2022 Spring season in Division 1.

In the 2nd half, with more subs coming in from both clubs, LGSA held their own keeping a 2nd closer but unable to draw Matata back on the scoreboard. On the offensive side for LGSA, they lacked the attacking punch to get through against a strong Matata back line which produced the only clean sheet in the Cup on the day. At the final whistle, LGSA would have nothing to be ashamed of as they set the foundation for the coming Division 1 season.

Matata displayed a lot of new, young faces themselves and the future also looks promising for them when you consider that FC Matata Coach Hippolyt Emekourou will merge these new players with his vets for the season coming up. We predict that FC Matata will be another challenger for honors this coming season in the Georgia Premier Division.

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