Destiny Achieved!!

With a last bout of drama, Ginga Atlanta sealed their place in history.

The National Finals saw Ginga Atlanta take on Olympians FC from Mesa, Arizona at Silverbacks Park. The game saw both teams play very conservative and not take any unnecessary risks through the first half. Ginga Atlanta was the first team to make a serious error in the 70th minute when Onezimo Fransisco received a red card for violent conduct.

Olympians FC never capitalized on the advantage of Ginga Atlanta being a man down and the game ended 0-0. Both teams again did not make any major chances through the two overtime halves and forced the game into a penalty shootout.

This is were Alberto Ciroi took over from Ginga Atlanta. With two saves in between a shot that bounced off the top crossbar, Alberto brought the trophy home for Ginga Atlanta. Ginga Atlanta finishes the season undefeated with 21 wins. This is the first team to win the National Championship for UPSL Georgia.

Alberto Ciroi wins the MVP for the Finals

Congratulations to Ginga Atlanta


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