Matchweek 9 – Atlanta Caribbean Pro Premier Division

The last official weekend is not the end of the regular season as some make-up games are still to be played but the race for the title and playoff places is tighter than ever. The league title is still a 5 horse race at the top of the table and the same number of teams have a shot at the 4 playoff spots in the President’s Cup which will determine the UPSL regional playoff representative.

10:00am Match:
Club ATLetic vs Forest Rovers FC (Forfeit Match – No Report)
A match ruled a forfeit by Forest Rovers FC because Club ATLetic identified a player fielded by Rovers that was ineligible due to a red card the previous week. A red card means an automatic suspension for the following game but Rovers broke that rule and league officials did not identify the player in question before the start of the match. Rovers consequently were penalized by a 2-0 decision after the full game was played and protest posted. As a consequence, the played game is nullified and Club ATLetic gets the valuable 3 points and additional 2 goals in their goal difference which could be a factor in the playoff and league title race.

Generals have been one of the most in–form teams in the last few weeks. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

12:00pm Match:
VaHi ATLetic FC vs Atlanta Generals FC
A match in the sweltering Atlanta heat was not as hot as Atlanta Generals FC who dominated this game from start to finish with superior possession and pace in defense and attack.

But for better finishing, the margin of victory could have been greater, however it was good enough to put Atlanta Generals into 1 of the 4 playoff places for the President’s Cup which will be used to determine the UPSL regional playoff representative. Atlanta Goal scorers were Lamin Mohamed and Bismark Dansou.

FC Yardaz close to confirming a playoff spot in the President’s Cup. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

2:00PM Match:
KSA Pro-U19 vs FC Yardaz
KSA Pro-U19 were coming off a successful state tournament to play the defending champions and ran into an inform Yardaz playing to rebound from an embarrassing defeat the previous week to VaHi ATLetic FC.

Today there was no let down as KSA Pro may have had a bit of a competitive hangover from their tournament success and Yardaz gave that little bit extra to run out 6-1 winners in a game that all but assures post season play and still an outside shot at a league title.

Honduras loses for the first time and Pro-Profile in touch of a President’s Cup playoff spot.

4:00PM Match:
Honduras 5 Estrellas vs KSA Pro Profile
As has been the pattern in our division this season, those that make it to 1st place seem to falter and drop in performance which causes them to have that place threatened and this was no different on Sunday. A somewhat depleted 5 Estrellas, who have been the most prolific and dynamic team all season, were defeated and shut out for the first time all season.

Though Pro-Profile is definitely a quality side capable of defeating anyone in the league, it was surprising to see 5 Estrellas sputter for the first time as they found no creativity and chased the game most of the day. Compounding the disappointment of this performance was a first half red card to #17 Blany Zamora which meant playing most of the game down a man against an in-form opponent.

Pro-Profile on the other hand played a disciplined and professional game, befitting of their team name, as they wore down 5 Estrellas then clinched victory in the 2nd half with 2 late goals to go away with the victory.

Despite the defeat however, 5 Estrellas still remain in first place with a make up game to play but 3 teams are behind them also with games to play so nothing is certain for a league title or a playoff place even at this late juncture.

The Granites and Seas Jamaica looking to rebuild for the Fall Season. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

6:00pm Match:
Seas Jamaica United FC vs FC Stone Mountain
Two teams already out of the playoff and league title race were playing for pride and preparation for the Fall season today. Though there is no relegation to worry about at this time in the division, there is still the need to put in a good performance to set up for off season training and the subsequent competition to come.

FC Stone Mountain has a youthful enthusiasm that will need corralling and grooming in order to become a competitive force in the league and the Granites manager, Owen Clarke will be eager to get that training started immediately in preparation for the next season to come. The Granites fell to Seas Jamaica by the score of 7-2 in a game where Seas showed what they can do if they are working on all cylinders which has not been consistent enough for much of the season.

Seas manager, David Largie will be pleased with the way the team ended the season on a high and could use this as a spring board to off season training and preparation for the Fall season.


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