Match Week 2 – UPSL Atlanta Caribbean Division

To say that the 2nd week in the season brought us some surprising results would be an understatement.  A big contrast to opening day when each game was tight and there were tactical strategies interjected with high quality. Week 2 brought us mostly one sided affairs with high scoring output and not much by the way of defensive quality.

But despite that, the entertainment quality remained high even if it was punctuated by a massive haul of goals scored in each match.

Probably the most shocking observation came from established teams in the league and their inability to match the quality of the new teams in the league. All victories consisted of new teams dominating established teams in the Caribbean League.

Forest Rovers FC 4 – FC Yardaz 1

12PM Match: In the first match of the day, Forest Rovers FC shot to 1st place in the league with a 4-1 victory against defending Champions, Yardaz FC. Though both teams were threatening in the first half, there was no mistake that Rovers were the more dominate with possession and number of chances.

A turning point in the match came when the Yardaz keeper was shown red for a challenge just outside the box very early in the 2nd half. This complicated things for Yardaz who were already struggling to get on top in the match. After that sending off, Rover’s domination increased and they systematically beat Yardaz into submission.

Club ATLetic 8 – Atlanta Generals 0

2PM Match: Another shocker more for the mismatch than for the result was Club ATLetic’s destruction of Atlanta Generals by the unbelievable score of 8-0 in a match that was never in doubt. It appeared to be “men” against “boys” as Generals never really got into this match. And like Yardaz, they had a man sent off in the first half when they were already searching for a foot into the match.

Going down to 10 men did not help their situation and they meekly capitulated in the 2nd half to Club ATLetic who seemed to be scoring for fun. The Generals will have their work cut out for them with their last season’s 4th place finish seemingly a distant memory now.

KSA Pro U19 8 – Seas Jamaica Utd 4

4PM Match: Another goals bonanza as new boys KSA Pro (U19) scored 8 while conceding 4 against traditional league power Seas Jamaica United FC in a game high on offense and low on defensive quality. Though thoroughly entertaining for the neutral, to see such a high number of goals must be a bit troubling for the respective managers.

Both teams look threatening as they moved forward in attack but KSA were more organized and created more chances that converted to goals from the chances they created.

Though this was a good victory from KSA Pro, they will have to solve a certain defensive frailty if they hope to continuing winning ways in this league. Seas on the other hand can snap back from this devastating loss because their offense seems to still be clicking after an opening day victory last week, but the disaster today in defense will be a problem considering the quality still to face in their schedule this season.

KSA Pro_Profile 5 – FC Stone Mountain 0

6PM Match: The last game of the day started out much like the matches from opening day with an even “chess-like” high quality match up between KSA Pro Profile and FC Stone Mountain. This was truly a game of 2 halves as FC Stone Mountain had the majority of possession early on but Pro Profile were getting quality attacks forward and looked more threatening.

It was the 2nd half when it all fell apart for FC Stone Mountain when some mistakes in possession in their own half contributed to goals that they could not recover.

Stone Mountain were a team that struggled with form last season but have always been a very disciplined team. The foundation is there, but they need to play both halves of matches with quality and so far in 2 match weeks, they have started strong and finished poorly.  Next week will be another test as they go against another high flying attacking side of KSA Pro U19s.

KSA Pro on the other hand bounce back from a loss to Seas Jamaica in the opening week to pull up into 4th place with the victory today. They are now in great position to continue their challenge in the league in coming weeks.

One postponed match between Honduras 5 Stars against VaHi ATLetic FC will be rescheduled for a later date.


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